Vibration Instrument:

                 Proball II : Battery power Dual channels Balance Insturment

                              with FFT Analyzer

                 PVS302: 3 Channels Vibration Monitor

                 PVM303: Battery power Vibration Meter

                 PVM304: Battery Power Vibration Meter with Memory

                 DT1304 : Portable Precision Vibration Meter

                 DT1303: Battery Power Vibration Meter


             Measurement Tester:

                 DT-1213: 3 Channels Impact/Drop Test System with Speed Detector


             Production Line Test

                 DT-210M-AT2: 1 or 2 Planes, Balance Machine for Color Wheel

                 DT-8510S: Balance Machine for DC Brushless FAN

                 DT-7521: Vibration meter for Production line QC

                 DT7201: Functional Tester for DC Brushless FAN

                 TS-713: Intermittence tester for Connector


             Production off-line Analyzer

                 SD200N: Signal Doctor FFT Analyzer

                 BALSYS: Balance Analyzer

                 PROBAL: Balance Instrument


             ODM Products:

                 Balamte-1: Balance & Monitor for Grinder Machine

                 Implomates: Battery Power Dental Implantation Detector